Friday, 12 October 2007

Prototype dueling system

The first development from Dr. Nesterov's workshop is a dueling system. Duelists must compete to click on the six numbered discs in the shortest amount of time (an idea taken from a Flash game I saw). The discs must be clicked on in numerical order, and their position and scale is randomised to make things a little more difficult. The HUD is shown below.

A free set, including HUD, basic dueling pistol and instructions are available at my workshop (slurl) - by clicking on the dueling pistol laying on the ground. Also at the workshop is a training dummy to practice against.

Back in SL

A transition in real-life has left me with some time to be back in SL. Even better I now have some land; situated in the magnificent state of Caledon's Stormhold region (plot number 7). Shown below is my first permanent structure on the Grid - a small, currently empty, workshop.

Monday, 14 May 2007

Spider-Fly Final Graphics

Shown above are the final graphics (game board and HUD). Subconciously it took on some red and blue Spiderman theme, most likely because the third film is in cinemas now (which is rubbish).

I'll add a HUD/instructional-notecard dispenser, and then it'll be all done. As usual, IM me for a free copy.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Spider-Fly game nearing completion

Above is the Spider-Fly game that I have been working on recently. It is a 2 player game, where the objective is to be the spider and catch the fly.

Players sit on the coloured stools and the matching coloured ring identifies the creature they control - which is set randomly when the game starts. Players can issue 3 moves each turn (via a HUD), and the role of spider/fly can also switch randomly between turns.

The scripting is done, so all that's left is to add a lick of paint and it'll be ready to play. Expect an update soon.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Uber Chameleon complete (maybe)

The generic SL-Buttonmen system has been completed. Well, as far as I can tell. Testing will probably reveal a few errors, but I expect them to be minor. In the image below you can see my Tick persona using the system, which now has standard 12-sided green dice. Message me in world and I'll send you one.

Saturday, 10 March 2007

SL Buttonmen update

As expected the end of the Christmas break meant a reduced amount of time in SL. A painfully reduced amount of time, since I'd like nothing better than to jump on in and make some games.

A few months ago I contacted cheapass games (the makers of RL Buttonmen), and although they were happy for me to make an SL version, there were copyright issues surrounding the imagery they use. This led me to take a different direction and instead of releasing specific buttons I started working on a generic system.

The new button (codenamed: Uber Chameleon) is almost finished, and can use any dice combination the player should want. The current imagery is shown below:

I am hopefull that it will be completed within the next few weeks (given that it would probably only take an hour or so of in-world time).