Saturday, 21 April 2012

onvert Competition Entry #2

** Update: Corrected the codes on the image above. **

This example would be a poster or page in a magazine, which aims to increase awareness of endangered species.

It tries hook people through their curiosity - presenting a question, but not the answer. Basically, which are more numerous: actual Tigers, or people that support teams named after Tigers. Unless you're completely oblivious to the plight of endangered species, then the answer is probably obvious; but it still aims to shock through the scale of difference.

It uses the standard educational principle that if you just give someone an answer, then they can easily forget it, but if the are actively involved in finding an answer, then they are more likely to remember.

I originally wanted to compare the number of Black Rhinos to Chiuauas, but stats were hard to come by, and I didn't want to compare random things, like Rhinos Vs nuclear weapons.

PDF of the poster:
Web-view of "Animals": of "Fans":

The Numbers
To be honest the figures are probably miles off. For example, there is an American baseball team called the Detroit Tigers. Their contribution was a guess based on attendance at their games - I went with 10,000. Where-as if you follow information on Wikipedia - that the majority of baseball fans in Southern Ontario support them - combined with the population of Southern Ontario, and surveys on what percentage of the US population are considered baseball fans, then you end up with just over 5,000,000 (not even including Detroit itself). But it was getting complicated, so it's more of a concept really.

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