Saturday, 23 December 2006

SL Buttonmen V1- Beta released

The Beta version of SL Buttonmen has been finished. In the image above you can see my avatar (19th century flavour) wearing one of the buttons, and the rezzed dice set in front.

There are currently 3 Buttonmen from the soldiers series available: Karl, Avis and Bauer. The remaining soldiers should follow soon after, and then other sets with their unique features (no decision on which ones yet though).

Above is the free button vendor (my first), and I'm currently looking for places to house it. It also gives notecards on how to play the game and use the SL system.


Buttonmen is a two player game, where each has a set of dice, and the aim is to capture your opponent's and gain a higher score. The set of dice each player uses depends on the Buttonmen character that they choose. In SL the button can also search for players in the area, and the dice values are displayed in text hovering over the dice objects.

Full details of the real-world game can be found online at

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Mister Nizz said...

And progress on this project, Lucius?