Wednesday, 19 January 2011

2 days of presentations

2 days, 2 presentations - both on Second Life. The first a joint presentation in an arts-focused seminar, based on the virtual theatre work, the second a presentation to built environment educators and trainers on the University's virtual quarry.

Common to both was the advice that anyone looking into using immersive simulations in their teaching, should make OpenSim their first choice. I'd guess that it's common advice circulating through the educational sector. At a time when funding is being cut to the point that jobs are being lost, there's no way of justifying the cost of 'trying it out'.

A model is starting to form in my mind where institutions jointly hire some hosted OpenSim land, and collaborate to produce a learning activity. And then when it's complete each institution takes a copy to use on their own local servers, run when required. We're entering times where the efficient use of resources is paramount.


Christopher Jack said...

Can you open educational resources easily with virtual learning objects? and what would the granulation be?

Lucius Nesterov said...

There's a high degree of granulation ranging from complete environments loaded through 'region files' (e.g., to individual objects loaded through 'inventory files' (e.g. objects are becoming more easily available through hyper-gridded worlds, but I'll admit that it's something that I haven't fully explored yet.

An issue that Daniel Livingstone raised is the shift from just openly available materials, to truly reusable learning objects - which requires metadata and standards:

Maria Korolov said...

Lucius --

I just saw your ed-related IAR files here:

What are the license terms for these objects?


-- Maria Korolov
Edtor, Hypergrid Business

Lucius Nesterov said...

Hi Maria,

Sorry for the slow response. It was so long ago that I couldn't remember if I had attached a licence. I've set it to CC0 now though.

I should have a look at updating them. Thanks for your interest.