Monday, 11 January 2010

Educational tools in OpenSim

My first batch of educational tools for use in OpenSim has been released, and is available at:

It's an IAR file, which allows you to load the objects into your inventory without affecting any existing build.

I'll also be adding in some tutorial videos to show how the tools work. The sound is a bit low on the first offering, but you get the idea. If you have any suggestions or problems then feel free to voice them in the comments (it's moderated so they won't appear straight-away).


Laura Jacob said...

I love these tools and I can not thank you enough, but how do I upload them into my inventory? I am unclear. Thank you!

Lucius Nesterov said...

You'll need to be running a version of the OpenSim server. Then in the OpenSim window just use the 'load iar' command - as shown on the eduset page.

If there's enough interest in using them in Second Life, from people with no experience of OpenSim, then I might pull out the scripts to download sepearately.